Feb 2004

I'm slowly collecting all the pieces to rebuild the front end. I'm about 1/3 there now. Still need to get shocks and some ball joints together.

Finally figured out the problem with my sun roof and why it was making so much noise. The right side clamp on the front has way too much play in it and at speed the whole right front side of the roof is lifting out of the body. I actually saw daylight. Have fabricated a fix and now the roof is pretty tight. I still hear wind noise but i'll address that later when it's warmer.

Feb 26 2004

Got tired of thinking about the corroded and crushed exhaust pipes on my Interceptor and had a new system fitted by a custom shop down the road. The main pipes had been smashed by a PO and were probably about 30% blocked. Very corroded. Almost like they came off a different car. Just didn't look the same as the rest of the underside. Tried to take some pictures but my piece of junk camera only got one poor shot of the new chrome finisher. The tech did a pretty decent job. All the welds look very straight and neat. He left out the rattling riser. The pipes (2 1/4 inch) conform to the underside contours well. Not too close though.

Now when I fired it up... Wow. I didn't want to scare anyone, but this just might if I rev it. Very low pitch rumbly sound with attitude at idle. When I get on it, she really sings. Leaving no doubt about what's under the bonnet. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Interesting to note how the resonance and the tone change when accelerating.
Quite the symphony. ;-)

Still too much fun.

Feb 28 2004

Took the Interceptor out for an extended drive this morning. On the way out of the neighborhood I stopped to talk to a police officer. Asked him if this was too loud. He said no and even said he thought it sounded good. I think I'm getting used to it like Mr. Danis with his newly restored Interceptor. The sound in second gear at about 2300 RPMs is very cool. Kind of a loud resonating/reverberating purr. At 100 MPH it's not any noisier than it was before.

What's really strange is that it seems to start a whole lot easier now. What difference would new exhaust make in starting? Maybe I'm just imagining things.