Jan 04 2004
I started top replace the Trans color hoses. After looking at them for a while I decided to change the fuel filter while thinking about the best way to attack the hoses. As I released the hoses and fuel started hitting the ground and my hand, I remembered the open flame heater not more than eight feet from me. Thankfully my Nephew was on hand to quickly turn off the propane at the tank. I'm guessing the forced air from the heater was blowing the fumes away for long enough to get it turned off. Be careful out there.

I changed out the hoses and now they don't leak anymore. One more leak done. Seems maybe one of the new oil hoses is leaking now. I'll have to verify that. Will have to focus on the other oil leaks. They seem to be getting worse. I guess they don't get better by them selves do they? The rear main seems to be an issue.

Jan 13 2004
Walked out to the garage to go to work and noticed the left front tire was flat. Haven't moved the care in a couple weeks. I though maybe I set it down on something sharp after changing the hoses and filter. I jacked it up, took off the wheel and saw nothing wrong. Filled it with air and remounted the wheel. Several days later it's still filled. Drove it around a bit and had no trouble. Holds air just fine. Damn gremlins. Must be the same one that shut off the engine on the highway the other day.