March 7 2004

Took an extended mountain drive with my brother in-law today. Kind of cool out but the sun was shining and kept us warm with out the need for heat in the car. Half way through the run we stopped for some pictures. Heard a noise kind of like a chirping or whirring coming from the front. Lifted the hood and couldn't really see anything. Except maybe the water pump pulley is either not true or the pump is silently going bad. The noise hasn't returned since. this car seems to have a few occasional trick it like to play on me.

March 13

A couple weeks ago I had a new exhaust system installed. When talking to the tech, I told him I wanted to hear the engine but NOT scare old ladies and little kids. He said no problem. After getting it back, I thought it was a bit loud but decided to drive it a bit to see how I'd like it. I do and it's getting better.

Last Saturday my two Nieces were visiting. The five year old decided she wanted to help me wash the Jensen. I started it up to back out of the garage. When it fired, she nearly jumped out of her skin. A truly frightened look on her face. She smiled quickly and said "that scared me!" There's one down. Now to find some old ladies...