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A Jensen Factory Tour home video from 1988.
[206 MB] Approx 21 minutes
Converted to AVI format by
Dave Martin 115/2788 Stoke on Trent, UK

You may want to right click, choose "save target as" and download for later viewing.
A link for Codecs if you need.

Cars For Sale (Not Mine)

Jensen Web Sites
Jensen Cars email list subscription page.
The The Jensen Monday Club
Wiring diagrams at
The Jensen Cars List Archive.
Some history
David's Jensen Page
Tom Garcia's site
The "Bremar" Jensen FF
The Jensen Car Club of Australia target="new"

Large list of Converters
Cars in Movies
The Shelby American Collection
Sales Brochure
A new car brochure with Large pictures
Again with 800 X 600 Pictures

An article from

Restoration of mk II interceptor 123 / 4052.
The "Bremar" Jensen FF Restoration.
A restoration by John Danis

Parts and Supplies
Pit Products Makes a variety of trailer and garage accessories.
Not just British Wiring Harnesses.
Parts at K&D Enterprises
Mopar Parts on-line
Canadian Jensen Parts Dealer
A Leather source. The prices seem decent. Can't vouch for the quality.
Leather dye I found the leather re-coloring kit to work pretty well.