May 2004
t_jun1_03 (4K) The passenger (right) door locking solenoid, and the latching mechanism on the drivers door. t_jun1_06 (4K)
t_jun1_05 (5K) The drivers door window motor and water damaged speaker. (which was replaced) The door panel also has water damage and is on the list of things to replace. t_jun1_07 (5K)
t_jun1_04 (5K) Removing the window frame proved to be a challenge. The bracket under the wing window caught on the mounting brackets inside the door. This required some gentle twisting from below with a pry bar to release. Almost as bad going back in. t_jun1_08 (5K)
The whole reason for removing the door/window frame was to replace the run channels for the glass and the outer belt moulding seal. What was there didn't look too bad but didn't let the windows go up and down very easily. They would bind at the top and slow down quite a bit. After replacing the channels, the windows go up and down quite nicely. Also replaced the speakers while in there. About six hours to complete both sides.