The original Carb.
114 (330K) 132 (311K) 155 (378K)
Had to make some "adjustments" to the stock (I think) accelerator cable bracket. Flattened out half of it so it wouldn't get in the way. After fitting I found the accelerator cable bound up on the valve cover. Had to redrill the mount point. Makes the pedal a little more touchy. I'll either get used to it or redrill.
1103 (422K) 1106 (433K) 1107 (386K)
1108 (328K 1109 (351K) 1110 (376K)
A friend was able to spend some time under the hood and modified the cable arrangement. MUCH better now. Very smooth and responsive.
sep162 (353K)
Installed a heat shield with insulators between it and the manifold. Mr. Gasket Part# 3710. Had to do some small mods to keep clearance.
t_heatshield (6K)

Over time I've been smelling raw fuel while driving after filling the tank. finally got around to the Expansion Tank Hose Job.