June 19 2004. Refinished valve covers.

t_valvecover34 (5K) The valve covers as they were. I let them soak overnight covered in paint stripper. Had to re-coat a couple more times. That paint was really on there. t_valvecover35 (5K)
t_valvecover16 (5K) After getting the paint off, I cleaned them up and went after them with 320, 400 and 600 grit sand paper. Finished with Steel wool and aluminum polish. t_valvecover18 (7K)
t_valvecover09 (5K) A closer look at the finished surface. I could have spent many more hours getting a very fine mirror finish, but I was getting tired and had already put half a day into this. t_valvecover07 (4K)
t_valvecover08 (5K) Stripped and renewed the gasket under the oil filler plate. (left) I had to install a short extension bracket so the loom would clear a mounting point on the valve cover. (right) t_valvecover10 (4K)