The new exhaust system.
Quite loud, but sounds great.
I told the guy at the exhaust place that I wanted to know it was a large V8
under the hood but didn't want to scare old ladies and small children.
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When I picked up the car I started it and was thinking it was VERY loud.
While driving home I started to think I needed a new sound system to
compete with the new engine music.
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One day, my 5 year old neice was visiting and wanted to help me wash the
Interceptor. We both went to the garage and I started the beast. She nearly
jumped out of her skin and said "that scared me!" Ok, now I've scared a
small child. Where's the old folks home?
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After a short time I was noticing a rather noisey exhaust leak under the hood.
this was due to the manifold to down pipe gasket disintegrating from the heat.
I called the exhaust shop and asked them about this. The guy on the phone
was rather short with me and said "well that's why we don't guarantee those
gaskets." He went on to add that I might be able to find some metal gaskets
that would last longer. I found some and took them back for installation.
They reluctantly agreed to put them in for free. The installer was complaining
about how hot the exhaust was. Seems to me it goes with the job. Seems to me
if they had suggested this in the first place, or provided them, we wouldn't have
had this issue. TERRIBLE attitudes and customer service.
I will never go back again, for any reason.
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Over time I have learned to appreciate the huge sound of the 383 under
the hood. At about 2400 RPM the sound resonates through my whole body.