The 20th Colorado British Car Conclave Sept. 13 - 14th 2003

The first day was a drive in the hills.
About 90 vehicles showed for that day. Kind of lousy weather.
Went about 150 miles. Saw some snow and rain.
Pretty cool, so the Interceptor was loving that.
On the road set 1
On the road set 2
On the road set 3
On the road set 4
The second day was the Conclave. 500+ vehicles.
Beautiful weather. Two sections below...

The general pages in no particular order.
Set one.
Set two.
Set three.
Set four.

The Jensen pictures. I was very surprised and impressed.
A total of five Interceptors arrived by the end of the day.
I was aware of one other and made aware of two more local cars that didn't make it for what ever reason.
Set one.
Set two.
Set three.
Can you tell I'm a Jensen fan?