I cut an approx 1/4 inch length of radiator hose (1 1/2 inch, I think) and
pushed this in between the inner and outer triangle. This provided drive and
shock resistance. That was 5 years ago and it's still working



For what it's worth, when I purchased my MKIII I found a box of
assorted parts in the back. One small box contained the remains you
are describing. It has a Mopar number on it of 4339433 and the
description "GEAR & SEAL PKG. WDO LIFT MTR" I later found the right
window motor had been reworked and it certainly works better than the
left. Don't know if this part number is still available but might be
worth a shot. There is a date on the box of Oct 23 1986.

Mike Lawrence
Broomfield, CO USA
72 Interceptor 133/5535

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From: "jim dobush" 
Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 11:37 PM
Subject: INT - need some expertise on the power window motor gears

 Well my passenger window has not moved since i got it so i decided to dive
in and fix it. One, the switch is bad. Two, theres the part i need some help

 The motor has a worm gear on it, that runs into a big nylon gear with
teeth on the outside and a big rounded triangle cut into the inside. And
theres a much smaller triangular piece in the middle that is attached to the
gear that runs the big gear that turns the window . Whew. Now i'm sure theres
supposed to be some sort of a big plastic piece that fits around the middle
triangle and into the big triangle, but mines gone. The whole assemblies
filled with tiny fragments of old plastic no more than 1/4 inch wide. So im
assuming that this is the shattered remains of this piece.

 Has anybody been in here before? And if so, do you know what this piece
is, and where i can get one? OR if i can fabricate something?

 thanks again,

 74 int MKIII