Cleaned and polished valve covers. June 2004.

The six pics below are as it was when I purchased the vehicle.
t_143 (6K) t_121 (5K) t_126 (3K)
t_127 (3K) t_155 (6K) t_133 (6K)

Because I dropped a bolt into the distributor hole I had to take the intake manifold off to attempt a rescue. Fortunately I was successful. The bolt and washer were caught by who knows what on the right side under the cam. I was able to just touch it with a magnet. Both the bolt and washer came out together.

t_1704 (7K) t_1705 (7K)

Below, the newly crinkle painted fuse box.

t_1710 (5K)

Some pictures of Tom's Engine in the raw...
The next upgrade will show up on the doorstep by Friday (I hope). E-heads! Hooray! That is if I can get the overheating fixed. And just so any purists won't get their panties in a bunch, the original engine is on a stand and will remain stock (except to fix that nasty cam incident that ground three lobes flat). Pictures available to any that are interested.
Tom G
74 Interceptor Convertible

t_p1010001 (357K) t_p1010002 (393K) t_p1010003 (393K)