This is a view from the bottom of the steering column after the steering wheel, wheel boss (F3/75361), and lock nut (F3/73163) have been removed. This is looking through the turn signal switch. The little ball showing is assumably from the bearing assembly that the steering shaft rode in. Several have fallen out over the last year or so.

This picture and the following are of the bearing housing (not numbered seperately in the parts catalog). It kind of screws in at the front of the steering column pipe. Here's a link to the parts book page showing this part in a shaded box.

The parts catalog picture is also at the bootom of this thumbnail page.


This one shows the horn contact down inside the pipe.

This shows what I belive to be part of the inner bearing race still on the steering shaft. The other half of this came out separately.

Here is the front end of the housing. It appears to have the outer bearing race embeded or pressed in. Can anyone confirm that is what I see? I'm guessing I'll have to get that out of there somehow in order to replace the bearing with another or a bushing. K&D offers a bushing with a description as follows...
Part F3/36/B - BG4839B Bush, Steering Column This bush replaces the steering column bearing. So, your column rides in a bush instead of a ball bearing. We do not carry the original style bearing nor is it available. We like this one just fine. Yes, we use the parts we sell on all our cars. If we won't put it on a car, we simply won't have it. The End.

I know I should and will call K&D to ask, but thought I'd ask around a bit too for additional input.
f3_cr (154K)